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Why Do You Recycle Oil Filters?

Farmers are always looking for ways to produce more products as well as diversify their income. This happens frequently in the fields and barns but sometimes the focus turns outside the realm of agriculture. At Willow Springs Farm located in the north-west corner of Berks County we have started a sideline business that not only helps diversify our income but also helps all of Berks County and beyond.

This business, Lucas Lane Inc - Oil Filter Recycling, takes the used oil filters from all of our lawn mowers, boats, cars, all the way up to the biggest earth moving machinery or locomotives and keeps them out of the landfill. Yes, unfortunately a lot of these filters still are being sent to the landfill. They not only present a huge potential for pollution but also a tremendous waste of our resources. Last year over half of the 500+ million light duty filters sold in the US were sent to landfills. This means we buried in excess of 75,000 tons of steel and over 9 million gallons of waste oil in our landfills. This waste oil represents 1½ trillion BTU's of energy as well as the threat of pollution because 1 gallon of waste oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of groundwater.

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