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How Do You Recycle Oil Filters?

Lucas Lane Reclaiming works with any company that performs oil changes. We supply a 55 gallon barrel for the used oil filters to be stored in. We pick-up and process these filters, at our farm based facility, by first crushing them into 35 to 45 lb. cubes. After that we load 6 ½ tons of these cubes into our thermal processing machine (big oven). The cubes are heated at temperatures up to 1300 degrees F over a period of 18 to 20 hrs. As the temperature is increased the oil, that wasn't removed by crushing, flows to a collection tank.

This reclaimed waste oil can be used for the fuel for the thermal processing machine. The exhaust heat will also be used to help heat air and water for the farming operation. The process produces oil free, #1 scrap steel which can then be sent to a Steel Mill or Foundry to be melted and used to produce new products.

All filters are recycled 100% and we guarantee that nothing goes to the landfill. We provide our customers with copies of our Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection permits and environmental insurance certificate.

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